The CTBIM mobile application used by field crew provides the following benefits to stakeholders:

  • Dashboards providing real-time insight into project status;

  • On-site inventory tracking;

  • Real-time project completion status;

  • Subcontractor payment validation;

  • Trend data;

  • More accurate assessment of project schedule compliance;

  • Decrease in waste, errors and inefficiencies;

  • Data mining for project analysis; and

  • Production of best practice reports.


After construction activities have been completed, a digitized record of micro-level data collected in the CTBIM system is accessible throughout the lifecycle of  the structure.  Data can be used to provide an evidence trail for insurance claims and/or litigation and to provide insights for reference class forecasting.


CTBIM stores a digitized record of data collected throughout the lifecycle of structures that can be easily navigated to access warranty, model number, specification sheets, operations and maintenance information for installed materials and equipment.


We can provide impactful visual aids to workers involved in commissioning, activities involving the assembly and disassembly of equipment or materials. Our 3D animated videos can demonstrate step-by-step repair, maintenance, assembly or disassembly procedures straight from a manufacturer’s O&M manual.

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